Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sun-days a day

It was a super busy day yesterday and it was super nice to meet lots of people. Our T-shirts are selling well and keeping us busy! Here is the fruit of Matt's labour from yesterday. IT is now for sale in our shop, check out those curves! Really lovely stuff, big thanks to Matt for coming down and painting it in the space, really chuffed to have some great friends be a part of our Fresh Ones. We'll be showing off the other specials that some special people have made for us over the next few days.

So today we're busy making t-shirts, as and when we sell them, which is proving to be fairly regularly! Here's some snaps of Jay painting up one of our 'books' and some first person shots of me tackling my t-shirt design.

Here are some photos of some photos of the items that are available at our shop. Adjective noun wooden books, and hand painted pots, thrown by myself on the wheel. All painted up and finished in our Fresh Ones Studio. Good Day!

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  1. I rather like these objects,
    very nice work