Sunday, 27 March 2011


It's the last day of Pick Me Up, and I think we're all feeling some equal parts relief and sorrow. It's been a lovely stint and it's been really amazing to meet so many people and show a glimpse into our way of working and also to get to know and hang out with the other exhibitors.

So finally we feature our last special item, a fabric piece designed by Joe Gilmore and printed by Workshop. Designer and sound artist (and good friend) Joe Gilmore founded Qubik studio in 2000, which specialises in typographic-led design for branding, print and digital media.

Tom and Ollie are 2 designers working together under the moniker Workshop. They specialise in print, branding, books, exhibition and web. They enjoy getting their hands dirty and like to get involved in the design process from idea to outcome, leading them to set up sister company 'Printshop'.

Jay has been working hard on his Gentle Men dolls, even getting his girlfriend to knit little hats! They're looking great.

We've also been painting up these little wooden blocks that are an invitation to play and make patterns from a selection of Nous Vous decorated squares.

Also wanted to give a big thanks to our friends who embroidered the lovely patches you see on our aprons. Will stitched the aprons himself but had to get some professionals in eventually. So cheers to 'Goodnight Jim Dear', who normally make vintage inspired lingerie, for taking some time and expertise out to embroider our apron patches and T-shirt labels.

So that's nearly it. Fresh Ones not feeling quite so fresh anymore. It's been wonderful, keep an eye out for the new Nous Vous store that will feature a similar concept! Thanks to everyone who came and said hello.


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